D-Ocean open beta is now available worldwide - Jun/20/2019

D-Ocean announces Global Availability of Social Data Platform “D-Ocean”

In February 2019, D-Ocean has started beta program of D-Ocean platform in Japan. Today, we are announcing global availability of D-Ocean. Anyone can access D-Ocean from anywhere in the world.

D-Ocean’s mission is straightforward - to help people finding data and sharing with others. D-Ocean isn’t just a collection of data sets, aka data market. We also focus on people who have contributed to the data economy. Users on our platform, such as data scientists, data engineers and etc., can be assessed by others fairly.

After launching beta program, we are observing rapid growth of new incoming users and start collecting thousands of open data. We are hoping to see that similar growth happens globally and new users may find our existing data useful.

D-Ocean platform offers three major scenes :

    • People x Data

You can search data by specifying keywords. When you find appropriate data sets, you can query and view data sets directly by executing SQL statements. Also, if you want to proceed further detailed analysis, you may download data sets as CSV files or export them to public cloud databases, such as Google BigQuery.

    • Data x Data

You can join your industry specific data with ones from other industries. You may find new insights which cannot be found using only data sets you owned. Also, we already accumulate thousands of open data sets available, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

    • People x People

You can search people who are interested in data. Enterprises can search profiles and directly reach out to engineers who may be experts in data science, engineering and so forth. If you are willing to find new job opportunities, we recommend filling your profile to get job offers. We also collect statistics of users, which can be viewed on our platform. For example, we rank top 10 users who collect positive feedbacks on their data and analysis reports.

Let’s build the Global Data Community together!

If you are interested in our service, please visit D-Ocean from here : http://bit.ly/2HKTg56

If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to “info@docean.io”.

D-Ocean, Inc.


phone : +81-3-6876-7420

address : 5-7-406 Sumiyoshichou, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0065, Japan